Steven Soderbergh Searching For a New Medium

I recently came across an interview with film director Steven Soderbergh. He seemed a little restless searching for new ways to do narrative. It inspired a response that I’m cross-posting here. Here’s an excerpt from him:

“I’m trying to see if I can work around the tyranny of narrative. Not that I don’t want to tell a story. I just wish there was a different way to tell it. I feel like we haven’t pushed this thing, this form into its next phase yet.

I think that’s why working in another medium for a while will help.”

Gee, what other medium could there be? What new medium is exploding in popularity and capturing the hearts of a new generation? What new medium is exploding with creativity and exploring narrative in new ways? One that is free from the tyranny of linearity and author-imposed messages. One that is begging for auteurs to free it from incestuous design structures.

Mr. Soderbergh, you don’t need to take a step backward (he mentions getting into theatre), you need to take a step forward.

There is most definitely a next phase. It involves breaking out of linearity toward something that involves the viewer directly.

This medium is videogames, and its Citizen Kane is anxiously awaited. In fact, it might already be here, coming out in a few days:

You might call it an interactive ghost story. Ironic, considering Citizen Kane was something of a ghost story itself.

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