I just launched a new website dedicated to creating meaningful gameplay: www.meaningfulgameplay.com. Other developers in the community seem to be interested in the idea, so I figured it deserved it’s own site. The goal is to create a resource for other game designers by developing prototypes that explore this topic and then analyze them and share that analysis.

The first post is to promote the first game jam for it. I mentioned the idea with my other Iowa Game-Dev Friendship buddies and people seemed pretty open to the idea. So our next game jam, scheduled for August 12-14, will be dedicated to meaningful gameplay. It will be held at BitMethod in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, and online at the Meaningful Gameplay website. Will Canada has a post about the game jam on his site, too.

At the end of the jam, we’ll be submitting our prototypes and analyses to the website to begin creating a resource for the benefit of the game development community.

Meaningful Gameplay Game Jam 1 Poster

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Sounds interesting. I’m sure Christian game developers would be interested in this

TidusNo Gravatar added these pithy words on Aug 03 11 at 9:56 am

I’m sure you’re right. :) Maybe you should invite some. Come one, come all, everyone is invited!

godatplayNo Gravatar added these pithy words on Aug 03 11 at 12:03 pm

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