Through a hashtag typo by Nicole Lazzaro on twitter, I was made aware of the GamesBeat conference happening today and a story about Trip Hawkins speaking on the state of the videogames industry. As a game developer who’s actually somewhat aware of what’s happening in the games industry, reading through the article naturally resulted in outrage:

Software licensing has hurt innovation in the video game industry — with social game maker Zynga being the exception to that rule — thanks to large game companies like Nintendo, said Electronic Arts founder and social gaming company Digital Chocolate founder Trip Hawkins.

Zynga. Zynga?! You gotta be kidding me. They don’t make games, they buy game companies. Zynga is a company that consumes instead of creates. To use a food analogy, Zynga is a glutton, not a chef. The ridiculousness continues:

I think we actually had our golden age when game development was using floppy disks and it was an open free platform when we could all make games like we wanted to make

That’s a bunch of crap. That golden age has re-emerged in the last couple years and is happening TODAY. It’s called indie games. Anyone, at any point, can make the game she wants to make. And she actually does in the indie games community. That’s basically the whole ethos behind indie games.

Where has Trip Hawkins been? Is he really that oblivious? Of course he isn’t. It’s strategically disadvantageous to mention the beauty, the diversity, the life of the indie games community. It’ll threaten his sales.

So don’t listen to guys like this. Videogames are alive and well. :) The very identity of videogames is constantly expanding and morphing. We are in a golden age. Enjoy the sunlight!

NOTE: Trip has generously taken time out of the conference to defend himself below, please see the comments.

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Hello, I wish you had been there so you would have understood what I said. I did not praise Zynga’s games, I pointed out that they exploited a flaw in Facebook that Facebook has since eliminated. I agree with your enthusiasm for the Indie community and we ourselves at Digital Chocolate are part of it. We also work with dozens of other Indies in a collaborative fashion, such as click trades so that we can all acquire more customers at lower cost. My talk is really about the promising future of the browser, a platform where all of us as developers can be free and do what God created us to do for the benefit of the most people. I’m sorry you misunderstood. I speak the truth and do so for a better future for all developers. Regards, Trip

Trip HawkinsNo Gravatar added these pithy words on Jul 12 11 at 3:53 pm

Thanks Trip for taking the time in the middle of the conference still (?!) to come here to comment and defend yourself. I am impressed.

You are absolutely correct, I was not there and did not get the full story. In fact, I should probably be speaking against the writer of the article equally as speaking against you. Please note I’m not making any claims on your personal character, just completely disagreeing with your point about the state of the art, so I apologize if it reads as personal, my intention is purely business here.

I think if you feel the way you seem to in this comment, you should be singing the indie community’s praises! And you should certainly be talking about how much diversity and fascinating work is being done by developers no one has ever heard of in all corners of the internet. You should be promoting them as your fellow collaborators. There is so much happening all over the place. So I guess it seems like your talk should be taking a completely different tone, don’t you think?

Maybe you were just feeling cynical today, I have those days too. 😛 But not today I guess!

godatplayNo Gravatar added these pithy words on Jul 12 11 at 7:22 pm

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